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Vending Machine

We are the largest vending machine management platform in Thailand providing services to plenty of leading businesses. Our core platforms help generate full vending machine function from the automate setup with centralize operation, product assortment and real time vending stock that comes with proactive monitor and alert so the business will not miss a chance to gain sale volume, multi payment channel with loyalty promotion and visualization report and dashboard to see your business growth.

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Delivery & Ordering

A comprehensive ordering, tracking, delivery solutions to strengthen your business nowadays. No more high GP and complex tracking steps. Our platform will help the business to generate higher profit with low cost investment from our ready-to-use platform, integrate with external and internal system systems seamlessly (POS, Call Center) and notify all ordering status real-time to the shop in order to avoid missing new orders. Our heart of delivery platform is that customers always be updated on delivery status with trusty delivery tracking tools.

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CRM & Loyalty

80% of the company’s future revenue comes from 20% for the existing customers then keeping the right customers is the key to business growth. That’s why Customer Relationship Management is the business’s essential tool which not only helps to acquire new customers but also retain the existing customers by Point Earn and Burn. Our CRM platforms are well-designed to suit the needs of different businesses across industries and where the end-to-end user experience is the key. With our CRM platform, it enables BU to launch various marketing campaigns in order to boost their sales activities e.g. lucky draw, 1-point catalog, E-Stamp and E-Survey.

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Serving the most popular selling and buying trend of the world for both B2C and B2B businesses. With our leading technology, we created a full function E-Commerce platform ready to integrate with external systems e.g. POS, stocking and inventory, payment gateway and delivery. To make sure that the businesses can service their customers from online ordering until the products arrive in customer’s hands.

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Data Analytics & Targeted

Data is the future and the future is data. Since we have helped the business to grow, the customer database is also expanded. Not only focus on data security and user’s privacy protection, but we also help businesses to analyze their user’s behavior to offer the right products and services to the right person. We provide Data Analytics and Targeted Marketing solutions to the partners to be able to get customer insights and enabling them to continuously improve their businesses with data by visualising the report and dashboard for all business purposes.

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Tailor Made

Nowadays, the IT team is not as small as it used to be in the past decades and the customer base has grown vastly so a systematic working process is a must. We have developed various internal project managements such as Ticket support management that enable the working team to create, change and request tickets for incidents they are reported. And a Work process tracking system that enables the working team to track the progress real time on the dashboard and also estimate time and result in every task.

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